• Innovating Employee
    Financial Wellness Programs
    for a Pandemic Recession

    a Virtual Chat and Q&A

    Tuesday, May 19 (3:00pm-4:00pm)


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What employers, employees and job-seekers need to know about
developing recession-proof Financial Wellness Programs.
Technologies, Resources, and Strategies

Virtual Event Agenda

Join us for this crucial strategy session and Q&A with guest speaker, Jennifer Lammer, CEO & Co-Founder of Diamond NestEgg, Tuesday, May 19 (3pm-4pm), on how companies should innovate (or implement) employee financial wellness programs that address the financial health and stability of their workforce during this unprecedented, pandemic recession.

This will be a virtual event happening on Zoom.

Historically, companies usually considered financial wellness programs to be a value-added benefit. But, as the world reels from the fallout of the pandemic, and braces for the impact of what most economists are calling the worst global recession in decades, many employers are beginning to see financial wellness programs as being a necessity and a top priority.

According to a new study by First National Bank of Omaha:

  • 59% of U.S. adults say they have experienced a loss of income as a result of the coronavirus;
  • 45% report they are having trouble paying bills;
  • 52% report they do not have enough savings to cover three months with no income;
  • 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck;
  • 40% would not be able to cover a sudden $400 cost; and
  • 56% have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.

In this virtual strategy session and Q&A with Jennifer Lammer, with we will explore:

  • The basics of what financial wellness programs should cover to meet the unique demands of this pandemic and recession — like financial literacy courses, outlining what employees should do in an emergency, and encouraging people to create an emergency savings fund;
  • Review of technology platforms and tools for employers and employees like financial wellness platforms and fintech;
  • How do you define a successful financial wellness program as an employers vs employees? For employers, it might be employee engagement, reduction in stress/ increase in productivity, increase in retirement plan participation. For employees, it would be the amount of debt repaid, amount of savings growth, reduction in stress, etc.
  • What employees should expect from their company’s financial wellness program and, if their company doesn’t have one, what they should do to request one;
  • An overwhelming number of employees would like to have a financial coach/ planner to talk to (based on surveys conducted) – how can employers maximize engagement?
  • What job-seekers should ask job recruiters about their financial wellness program (or similar program) as part of their benefits package and what HR managers should be prepared to answer;
  • How should employers ensure that employee wellness programs are viable for Essential Workers

After the presentation and interview, attendees will have time to ask Jennifer questions. Register below for this special virtual event which will take place on Zoom.

We look forward to seeing you virtually!



Jennifer Lammer
CEO & CoFounder, 
Diamond NestEgg 

Jennifer Lammer is a financial thought leader, innovator, speaker and business builder with nearly two decades of expertise across major banks and consulting firms in the US, Europe and Asia, including Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Booz Allen. Jennifer holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Finance and Information Systems from NYU Stern, summa cum laude.

Her company, Diamond NestEgg, dismantles the mystery around personal finance and breaks down the complicated jargon. They give hard-working Americans the financial knowledge and tools to take back control of their bank accounts and future savings. They use a combination of resources, innovative technology and personalized human touch to deliver comprehensive financial education and coaching to help people reach their peak financial success.


Charlie Oliver
CEO & Founder
Tech 2025
 and Served Fresh Media

Charlie Oliver, at Served Fresh Media, Charlie and her team provide digital strategy, senior management advisory, team building and training, strategic partnerships, event management, and product development for enterprise companies. In January 2017, driven by a passion to help the public to understand and participate actively in the next technological revolution, Charlie launched Tech 2025 — a community and platform for professionals to learn about the next wave of disruptive, emerging technologies, with an emphasis on problem-solving.

Having produced over 80 events since they launched, coupled with providing professional services, Tech 2025 has quickly gained a reputation for helping professionals and companies to understand and embrace emerging technologies and the whirlwind changes they bring, and to strategize for the future impact of accelerating innovation. Charlie’s person mantra is, “Be fearless and unapologetic in the fierce pursuit of your goals and be just as passionate about helping people.”


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