• Back to the Future: Tech 2025 Think Tank Reunions

    Reconnecting. Remembering. Restrategizing.



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A special virtual event series reuniting attendees and speakers
from several of our past, most popular think tanks.


Figuring out the future together, since January 2017.

We had no idea when we first launched in January 2017 that, over the course of almost 100 live events, we would predict and try to solve many of the disruptive problems happening that have either been brought on as a result of the pandemic or, more likely, was already in the process of happening but was accelerated by the pandemic. Nor did we know we’d have such an amazing, loyal community of members who would come to our live think tanks and workshops regularly and share their insights and views on the technological future that inspired and informed us all.

We can all agree that this year has been brutal.

We’ve been receiving emails from so many members in the community who tell us they miss our live events and that it’s amazing how many of our events covered a lot of the problems in emergency technology today

If you have been to any of our events, we hope you ca


The Rise of Chatbots and Conversational Interfaces

Our very first event where we predicted the rise of chatbots as a dominant tool for brands and businesses to engage with customers. If you attended, you remember how we had our first think tank asking everyone to create conversation flows for chatbots.

Today, chatbots are front and center.


Made In China 2025: China’s Tech Innovation Strategy & Its Impact on the West

April 2017


Universal Basic Income and the Future of Work

November 12, 2020

Back in early 2017, we did a think tank on Universal Basic Income asking our members how they thought UBI should be rolled out and what would be problematic. Fast Forward almost four years and the world is finally embracing UBI (thanks to the pandemic).










***Registration limited to 30 people. Transportation to/from Walmart, Levittown (private bus), and lunch included. Refunds UP TO 7 days before the event.***