Pandemic. Protests. Recession. The year 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history as the year that changed our world in unprecedented and profound ways that we are barely beginning to understand. We are now faced with managing old systems that are collapsing quickly, while simultaneously struggling to define new models that will carry us boldly into the future.

The world needs an army of skilled problem-solvers who understand and can communicate the magnitude and complexity of the new challenges we face, and who possess the cutting-edge skills and creativity to think beyond boundaries to develop new products, services and processes that will meet the demands of a society gripped by increasing turmoil and uncertainty.

T25 MicroCourses provide a unique and highly engaging learning experience necessary for employees to acquire essential technology and problem-solving skills, taught through the lens of the most pressing real-world problems impacting society and businesses today. Our data-driven, remote-friendly format facilitates frictionless, flexible and fast learning for the new hybrid workforce (work from home and office workers) and includes virtual think tank sessions with industry experts for maximum engagement and growth.


Courses on the real-world applications of technologies in business and government, focusing on problem-solving and "power skills" needed to adapt in today’s workforce.

T25 MicroCourses provides upskilling for professionals seeking to understand how disruptive technologies will change their work, how they can prepare for (and maximize opportunities from) these changes, and how to create a strategic roadmap for growth that will keep them ahead of the game, give them a competitive edge, and lead them into the future confidently and wisely. 

At its core, T25 MicroCourses is based on the concept of always expanding your knowledge (continuous learning) to gain new skills and expertise in various and creative ways (workplace training, self-directed learning, informal and formal learning, linear learning, artistic endeavors). This means viewing personal and professional experiences as potential learning exercises and re-examining assumptions, values, methods, policies, and practices.

It's about regularly asking, "Who am I, what do I want, and what do I have to offer my employer/employees, my local community and the world?", exploring the possibilities through extended learning, and then bringing the results back into the workplace and your life. 

With T25 MicroCourses, participants don’t just learn new technology skills. They learn how to think critically about how to apply new skills to real world problems.



Develop a Workforce of Skilled Problem-Solvers

Recent research by Deloitte indicates that organizations must help employees figure out how to get the training they need for themselves, from both inside and outside the company, in order to continue to grow and remain engaged. 

The pandemic has ignited an even greater sense of urgency for companies to upskill and reskill employees for accelerating changes happening across all industries as the world adapts to the new distance economy. The good news is, according to research, workers are very aware of the need to adapt and upskill immediately, and are eager to do so.

We develop unique, innovative learning experiences that deliver relevant content quickly to a broad, diverse base of employees throughout the organization. We give employees the precise information they need in a format that's easy to digest. And, with our virtual think tanks, we create a safe space for them to engage with each other and learn together, while apart. We develop content that delivers a high rate of satisfactory completion and, for managers, data that provides insights on how employees are thinking about the challenges facing organizations today and in the future. We develop data-driven, independent and accessible learning experiences that will empower employees to develop their own continuous learning path and to participate in innovation.


The development, deployment and ethics of technologies that are automating our world including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Chat Bots, Robotics, RPA, etc. And the ethics of automation.
Advanced technologies that simulate real world systems virtually including VR/AR/XR, Digital Twins, 3D Capture/Printing, Avatars, Deep Fakes, Holograms, Brain-Computer tech (Neurolink), Virtual Beings/Humans, Internet of Things.
Climate change solutions including batteries for electric vehicles, solar tech, carbon capture tech, alternative foods, and smart cities. What are these technologies and how will they impact companies and change the world?
Millions of jobs will be lost to automation, and millions more will be created. What are the jobs of the future and how do we train for them? What's the impact of emerging tech on the future workforce.
In addition to biotech in general we cover technologies developed to specifically address pandemic problems including tracing/tracking, office management, surveillance technologies, vaccine dissemination and tracking.
Forecasting future technology tipping points from 2021 through 2025 and strategizing a road map on how to prepare for these disruptive changes and how to identify and maximize opportunities from them.


A crucial part of our learning program is giving students contextual, real-world understanding of the trends driving technological innovation and how to develop strategic analysis skills to make wise, socially responsible decisions. Our Advisors have, combined, decades of experience in technology, innovation leadership, business development, and academia. They are thought-leaders at the forefront of innovation in their fields. They will share their knowledge and wisdom with students in monthly, group Strategy Calls.

Dr. Lorien Pratt (Chief Scientist & Cofounder, Quantellia, LLC, Author of Link) / Advising on: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Decision Intelligence, Corporate Training

Brett T. Williams (Major General, USAF (Retired), COO, IronNet Cybersecurity, Inc.) / Advising on: Corporate Leadership, Employee Leadership, Innovation Strategy

Meg Charles-Horn (Founder, Frame Advisory, LLC, Angel Investor) / Advising on: Growth Strategies, Business Development, Startup Investing

Chick Foxgrover (EVP, Creative Technologies & Innovation at 4A's) / Advising on: Creative Technologies, Corporate Innovation, Advertising Industry

Leslie Short (President & CEO, The Cavu Group) / Advising on: Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, Corporate Leadership, Corporate Culture

Victoria Yampolsky (CFA, President and Founder of The Startup Station) / Advising on: Startup Financial Modeling, Financial Skills, Valuations

Glenn Rodríguez (Program Director, Horizon Juvenile Center) / Advising on: Algorithmic Bias, Emerging Technologies in Criminal Justice

Ariel Conn (Dir. of Comm./Weapons Policy Advisor, Future of Life Institute) / Advising on: AI, Global Tech Policy, Existential Risk, Science Communication

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