Ask the Experts is our new online learning series that offers a unique twist on learning about emerging technologies. Expert guest speakers participate in a live-video discussion and analysis on recent news stories and research in emerging tech that highlights a particular problem or potential of the technology for us to explore through a an interactive Q&A session. The guest speaker will also ask questions of the audience (giving participants the opportunity to be experts too!).

Recent Sessions

The Impact of Think Tanks on Technology Research, Adoption and Policies

with Enrique Mendizabal

Founder and Director of On Think Tanks (founded in 2010), Enrique and his organization are leaders in defining and reporting on the global think tank ecosystem.

Wednesday, July 25 (3PM-4PM)


The U.S. Doesn’t Have Enough Truckers and It’s Causing the Price of Everything to Rise

with Allie Knight

Allie Light is a millennial, long-haul truck driver who advocates for the adoption of advanced technologies in the industry who gained YouTube fame sharing her experiences driving cross-country.

Wednesday, July 11th (3:00PM-4:00PM)


Keeping Up with the Algorithms – YouTube’s Big, Dark, Black Box

with Matt Gielen

Matt Gielen (currently founder and CEO of Little Monster Media Co.) is the co-author of research papers Reverse Engineering the YouTube Algorithm and Cracking YouTube in 2017.

Thursday, July 5th (3PM-4PM)


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