Our experiential, interactive event programs for professionals include think tanks, workshops, virtual webinars and are created to be thought-provoking, highly engaging and inclusive. We use compelling narratives, real-world problems and collaborative challenges. And we don’t shy away from asking the hard questions. Learning about emerging technologies and their impact on society and the future should never be boring and repetive.

Jobs of the Future: The Future of Software Engineering at Amazon with Hansel Ong

Charlie Oliver (CEO, Tech 2025) on LinkedIn News Live:  The Return to Office Reshuffle

Jobs of the Future: If Software Is Eating the World, Who’s Going to Feed the Beast?

The Post-Pandemic Skill Every Employee Needs: Forecasting the Future

Countdown to 2025: Predicting Challenges & Opportunities in the Next Digital Era

The Pain and Triumphs of 2020: The Biggest Lessons We Learned This Year

Towards a Fearless Future: a Tech 2025 News Roundtable at BraveIT

Jobs of the Future Q&A: Digital Twin Specialists with Richard Schrade

Virtual Workshop: How to Develop a Purpose-Driven, Tech Upskilling Roadmap

Reality Check: Why AI Has Failed to Live Up to Its Hype in this Pandemic

Virtual Workshop: Technology and the Post-Pandemic Workforce w/Charlie Oliver

Help Wanted: An Examination of Hiring Algorithms, Equity, and Bias 

A Private Tour of Walmart’s New AI Research Lab – the Future of Retail and Customer Experience

Algorithmic Injustice: One Man’s Fight for Freedom After Biased Software Denied Him Parole

Developing Next-Gen Technology Leaders in the Enterprise with Major General Brett Williams

Think Tank: Upskilling America: Why Companies are Struggling to Retrain their Workforce

Prototyping the Future: Technologies Driving Disruption in New York’s Manufacturing & Supply Chain Ecosystem

Turning Employees Into Futurists and Better Decision-Makers with Prediction Platforms with Dr. Anthony Aguirre

Dirty Ethics: the Backlash Against Big Tech and the New Corporate Identity Crisis

Economies of the Future: Disruptive Technology and the “Myth of Capitalism”

Surveillance State: the Promise and Perils of Facial Recognition Technologies

Automation for Everyone: Understanding the Power of Robotic Process Automation

Workshop: How to Use Predictive AI and Your Data to Unleash Your Inner Winner!

Workshop: Intro to AI Research (People, Money, Companies Powering Global AI) 

Manifestos and Moral Philosophies of Big Tech Companies and Their CEOs

The Impact of Amazon on Jobs & Small Biz in NYC – Developing a Win-Win Strategy

The Collision of Automation and Inequality Transforming the Economy

What Sci-Fi Movies Can Teach Us About Socially Responsible Innovation

Self-Driving Cars and Consumer Data – Protecting Consumers Before It’s Too Late

Special Event: Tech 2025 at “All Tech Is Human: A Summit on Ethical Tech”

Building a Crime-Fighting Robot Automation Co. (concept to IPO w/Bill Li)

Think Tank: Preparing for Battle Against Malicious Artificial Intelligence

Mission AI Workshop: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Research

The Impact of Think Tanks on Technology Policies with Enrique Mendizabal

Will the Trucker Job Shortage Crisis Speed Up the Adoption of Driverless Trucks?

Ask the Experts: Grasping Algorithms – YouTube’s Black Box with Matt Gielen

The Last Mile: an $80 Billion Global Logistics Problem (Blockchain Solution)

Dr. Michael Laakasuo: AI Ethics in Finland and Moralities of Intelligent Machines

Tech 2025 at “Women on the Block: Blockchain Diversity Conference”

Tech 2025 at “Funny as Tech: Altered Reality!” Live Show & Podcast Taping

LIVE CHAT:Holding Biased Algorithms Accountable to the Citizens They Serve

IMPACT: a Board Game about Adapting to Accelerating Innovation for Policymakers

Computer Films with Ken Knowlton: Thinking Machines (1959–1989)

Tech 2025 and South China Morning Post: China’s Technology Revolution

The Rise of Central New York’s Drone Empire: Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Tech 2025 at “Funny as Tech: What is the Future of Work?” LIVE podcast taping

NY Blockchain Laws & Cryptocurrency Task Force with Assemblyman Clyde Vanel

Microchip Implants: the Growing Global Biohacking Movement with H. Sjöblad

How are AI Voice Assistants and Intelligent Toys Changing How Children Develop?

Using Blockchain-Journalism to Reinvent Hyperlocal News Into a Profitable Business

Futurist Eric Matzner on Launching a Biohacking Startup and the Hyperloop

THINK TANK: Using AI Technologies to Fight America’s Opioid Epidemic

Using Science Fiction to Predict the Future Impact of Emerging Technologies

THINK TANK: the Future of Human/Robot Relationships & Conflicts with Dan Chen

THINK TANK: What is AI and How Can We Keep It from Harming Humanity? 

T25 Toronto: Explain It Like I’m 5 – AI, Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning

TECH 2025 at Innovation Congress: “Take Me to Your Robot Leader”

Learn How to Build Amazon Alexa Skills (2-Day Workshop for everyone)

23 Guidelines to Avoid an AI Apocalypse According to Experts (workshop)

Book Club: “The Signals Are Talking” with Amy Webb — Forecasting the Future

Hacking Industrial Robots in IoT Factories of the Future: Are Companies Prepared?

How AI Is Learning to Navigate Our World By Playing Classic Video Games

How VCs and Angel Investors are Investing in Emerging Technologies of the Future

Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030: a One Hundred Year Study (workshop)

The Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, NLP & Deep Learning? 

Made In China 2025: China’s Innovation Strategy & Its Impact on the West

Driverless Trucks – Here’s How They Will Disrupt Everything (workshop)

Film Screening: George Orwell’s 1984 (Is Big Brother Watching Us?)

Machine Learning in Hollywood Movies – What’s Real, What’s Not, What’s Next?

What Will the Driverless Car Experience Be for Consumers? (Workshop)

AI Consortiums and Big Tech Companies – Who Define Artificial Intelligence Ethics?

Think Tank: Silicon Valley, Universal Basic Income and the Future of Work

Technology Innovation and Trump’s Agenda – Where Do We Go From Here?

Battle of the Chatbots & Conversational Interfaces in 2017

Tech Tour: From Holograms to HoloLens: an Interactive Tour of Holographic Studios