Below are a few of the events we’ve done on forecasting the future with experts and technologies.

The Next Digital Era: Predicting Challenges & Opportunities for Companies

Decision Intelligence for HR: Getting Desired Outcomes with AI and Data

Turning Employees Into Futurists and Better Decision-Makers with Prediction Platforms with Dr. Anthony Aguirre

Workshop: How to Use Predictive AI and Your Data to Unleash Your Inner Winner!

Jobs of the Future Q&A: Digital Twin Specialists with Richard Schrade

Book Club: “The Signals Are Talking” with Amy Webb — Forecasting the Future

IMPACT: a Board Game about Adapting to Accelerating Innovation for Policymakers

Using Science Fiction to Predict the Future Impact of Emerging Technologies

Algorithmic Injustice: One Man’s Fight for Freedom After Biased Software Denied Him Parole