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Amy-Rose Goodney

I’m the founder and director of Crypto Blackboard. I curate educational experiences by bringing together the worlds leading educators in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Crypto blackboard is a collaborative cryptocurrency and blockchain educational platform and is currently being populated with a suite of educational resources.

We have courses for all levels including beginners because we know there’s a lot of danger out there for new people in the space, who aren’t aware of the potential for bad actors and scams. Some of our courses include cybersecurity, the history of money, what is cryptocurrency and blockchain?, transactions, wallets, how to store cryptocurrency safely, cryptocurrency trading, how to build and use an Ethereum mining computer, how to build a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio, taxation and so much more.  What I love about this project is we’re saving people time by delivering high-quality information, saving them from months of stumbling around YouTube trying to find their way in cryptocurrency.

I believe blockchain and cryptocurrency are the future. And it’s so important we help those around us to get started, gain confidence and secure their position in this wealth revolution. I’m also the co-founder of Crypto Clothesline Podcast, where we interview mostly women in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space on projects that are impacting on the planet. Our mission is to ensure women are part of this tech-wealth revolution.

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