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Carl Carrie

Carl is a leader in Institutional Trading businesses having held senior roles straddling Strategy, Product, Sales, and Technology. Known as a confident leader and strategist who can drive culture, change and commercial success at financial institutions including Bloomberg, Barclay’s Investment Bank, Lehman Brothers, and JP Morgan.

He is an accomplished innovator and leader with multiple software patents and a track record of novel and successful product developments and acquisitions. Frequently spearheaded business growth with technology innovations coupled with re-engineered business strategies. His areas of expertise include:

Trading • Equities and Fixed Income Cash and Derivatives
Product Management • Trading • OMS
Equities Cash and Derivatives • Income • Commodities
Analytics • Time Series • Machine Learning • Data Science

He’s experienced as a Developer with extensive Data Center and Infrastructure experience. Earlier in his career coded in C++, Java and some R with strong trading, risk and time series applications experience. Connect with Carl:  Twitter: @carlcarrie  /  LinkedIn:

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