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Daniel Sieberg
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Daniel Sieberg is Co-founder and head of journalism operations at The Civil Media Company (@join_civil) and author of The Digital Diet. Civil is radical new paradigm for self-sustaining journalism that’s built on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Previously he spent six years at Google and helped build the Google News Lab; he also served as the global head of training and development overseeing projects related to news partnerships on products including maps, search, VR, trends, data viz and more. He led an international team who trained journalists on how to use Google tools for newsgathering and aided in Google’s efforts to develop media startups and entrepreneurship. He was also an official Google spokesperson for a variety of consumer initiatives around the world.

Emmy-nominated TV correspondent/writer whose work covering science and technology across four continents appeared for nearly 20 years across CBS News, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, BBC News, NPR, PBS, CNET, Discovery Channel, Bloomberg, Oprah.com, The Dr. Oz Show, Details, the Washington Post, and the Vancouver Sun.

Daniel’s website: http://www.danielsieberg.com / His book website: http://www.thedigitaldietbook.com / Twitter: @siebergd

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