Enrique Mendizabal

Enrique Mendizabal
Guest Speaker

Enrique Mendizabal (Founder and Director of On Think Tanks) is an independent policy entrepreneur. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). Until December 2010 he worked for the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) where he headed the Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) programme. At ODI he co-founded the Outcome Mapping Learning Community. Enrique is the co-founder of Politics & Ideas, the Peruvian Alliance for the Use of Evidence, and the Premio PODER al Think Tank Peruano del Año. Since 2016, he organizes an annual Evidence Week in Latin America. Enrique is currently adviser to the Multiparty Commission for the Bicentennial of Peru’s Independence at the National Congress.

As Director of On Think Tanks, he leads a team of 14 people working on  5 continents, collaborating on a number of initiatives. He lives in Lima (Peru) but spends quite some time in London and traveling to visit think tanks across the world. He combines this with travel writing. Follow Enrique on Twitter at: @qqmendizabal

About On Think Tanks

On Think Tanks (OTT) is the leading platform on think tanks across the world. OTT is a global platform dedicated to the study and support of policy research centers. On Think Tanks is currently based at Universidad del Pacifico in Peru from where we aim to contribute to the development of the policy research community in the country and region. On Think Tanks works with think tanks, funders and policy entrepreneurs in civil society, government and the private sector to promote the generation, communication and use of evidence in policymaking.

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