Eric Matzner Golden

Eric Maztner
Guest Speaker

Eric Matzner is a futurist, biohacker, entrepreneur, and transhumanist who currently lives in San Francisco and runs the leading nootropics company in the world, Nootroo (which has been featured in numerous media stories on the rise and impact of biohacking and brain drugs). Nootropics are substances that enhance learning and memory while being safe and protective of the brain.

Eric is trying to live indefinitely, to run and at least stay in the same place. His body is less a temple and more a laboratory and workshop for pushing the limits of the brain’s cognition, memory and learning ability. He also experiments with cutting edge human lifespan extension and rejuvenation technologies and strives to make continual, incremental improvements towards optimal performance (kaizen). He reads at over 1000 words per minute (using RSVP software), listens to books at between 2-3x, can type over 150 wpm with 100% accuracy (and is ranked in the 99.9 percentile of fastest typers as per and is always trying to go faster!