Jabari Bell
Guest Presenter

Product Engineer at ustwo 

Jabari is a Product Engineer at ustwo who has a taste for design and flair for the written word. Jabari grew up in a house where discussions of furniture “form vs function” were commonplace at the dinner table. His father was an Art Director for an advertising company, and his mother an Assistant Director in television who required him to read show scripts at a very young age.
While Jabari excelled at the arts at home, he also had a keen interest for the sciences and got his BS in Computer Science. After a brief stint at an engineering company just out of school, Jabari spent a large part of his career creating immersive award winning web experiences for brands such as AT&T, Starwood Hotels, and FedEx.  Jabari found a marriage between his interests in the arts and sciences in advertising.
After spending 2 years traveling the world and living in cities such as Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro, Jabari returned to New York City determined to get into the emergent mobile scene. He has since worked for a number of startups such as Paperless Post focusing primarily on iOS engineering and is extremely excited about emergent technologies such as machine learning, conversational interfaces, and automated cars. In his spare time he enjoys practicing Muay Thai, playing Overwatch, and mentoring young technologists.

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