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Kota Kobayashi
Guest Presenter

Kota (@kotakobayashi) is a Digital Product Designer at ustwo. He continually dabbles with the latest technology, exploring how to connect it with humans on both a functional and emotional level. In the past year, he has been co-leading the ustwo Auto team, which explores user experience in the automotive and mobility space through client engagements. Some ustwo Auto partners include Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, and several others across the globe. ustwo Auto also conducts their own research and experimental projects. Kota is interested in the increasing level of inclusivity and environmental sustainability, which will be brought by this transformation in the auto industry.  During his time at ustwo, he has worked on innovative projects such as Google Cardboard Design Lab, Sonos’ digital product rebrand, and Android Wear watch faces. In his spare time, he’s founded a charity beer brand called Ippon Matsu Beer, which helps support small businesses in Japan affected by natural disasters.


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