Oriana Medlicott (cropped)

Oriana Medlicott

Oriana Medlicott graduated from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom with an MA in Philosophy by Research whilst holding a BA in History with Philosophy.

Oriana’s MA thesis was a research paper on the effects of Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence on Human Nature. The paper explored the human mind, morality and the threats that AI and Biotech could present. The thesis delved deeply into Philosophical thought and thinkers who have deliberated about AI and Biotech looking at ethical consequences and who we should allow to be the policy makers.

Oriana has expanded her knowledge by researching current trends in the media surrounding AI and observing both the ethical and positive outcomes that this can bring to our future. She has experience working in the Arts at Christie’s Auction House in both London and New York within the Special Events and Client Advisory departments. Through working at PayPoint PLC in the UK, she developed her skills in contract checking, data analysis and project management. She spent the summer of 2018 studying at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona to continue her education in Spanish Language and Culture.

At Tech2025, Oriana provides technical consultation on research, current events and industry trends regarding AI, Philosophy, Ethics and Machine Learning.

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