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It was never just about the technology. Our individual and collective goals, and how we think about the world and each other, has always been the fuel that has powered innovation. Since 2017, Tech 2025 has embraced this holistic view of learning about emerging technologies – combining understanding the inspirational potential of technology to change our world and improve business efficiencies, with critical thinking and problem-solving to tackle the potentially negative impact of the same technology.

At our think tanks, workshops and other live events, we’ve spent the last three years engaging thousands of people from all walks of life in open, interactive learning and discussions on the impact of technologies on society at large. As a result, we’ve had the privilege of helping to ignite the passions of many people who realized or refined their goals, and made substantive changes in their careers (upskilling, launching startups, etc.). Now, as we launch T25 Continuous Learning for professionals and business that are looking for unique, exciting, and creative ways of upskilling and reskilling for an ever-changing job market, our mission continues!

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Courses on the real-world applications of emerging technologies in business, focusing on problem-solving and “power skills” needed to adapt in today’s workforce.

T25 Continuous Learning offers intensive courses and upskilling for professionals seeking to understand how disruptive technologies will change their work, how they can prepare for (and maximize opportunities from) these changes, and how to create a strategic roadmap for growth that will keep them ahead of the game, give them a competitive edge, and lead them into the future confidently and wisely. Courses are flexible (with many taking place in the evening or on weekends), accessible to everyone regardless of technical expertise, inexpensive ($199 – $399), and based on current and relevant developments in business. And let’s not forget that learning should be fun!

At it’s core, T25 Continuous Learning is based on the concept of always expanding your knowledge to gain new skills and expertise in various and creative ways (workplace training, self-directed learning, informal and formal learning, artistic endeavors). Continuous learning for work involves viewing your personal and professional experiences as potential learning and re-examining assumptions, values, methods, policies, and practices. It’s about regularly asking, Who am I, what do I want, and what do I have to offer?“, exploring the possibililities through extended learning and then bringing the results back into the workplace and your life. Continuous learning is a superpower that helps you to see and create your future!

Starting Fall 2019, we are launching pilot courses, with Winter courses launching January 2020.


Diversify Employee Digital Training

Recent research by Deloitte indicates that organizations must help employees figure out how to get the training they need for themselves, from both inside and outside the company, in order to continue to grow and remain engaged. If your organization hasn’t begun to do this, the time to start is now.

Learn how we can help foster a culture of data-driven, independent learning in your organization that will ignite employees and bring cutting edge ideas and systems back to your workplace including: upskilling offsite in our mastercourses, upskilling onsite, and Diversity & Inclusion Scholorships.

Are you looking for qualified candidates who have the both technical (hard) skills and crucial power (soft) skills? Learn how our network of diverse professionals can become a valuable resource to help you recruite qualified and future-fearless candidates.

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We emphasis diversity and inclusion, ethics, hands-on problem solving, critical thinking, and real world “messy” applications of technology. Context is crucial. Students learn from leading practitioners who have produced tangible results for organizations and who are at the forefront of innovation. We facilitate community and relationship-building where students collaborate, benchmark, and network with peers. Certificate of Completion is awarded to students who complete courses. Our six course tracks are listed below.


the impact of automation, jobs of the future, research and forecasts, the changing workplace, upskilling and reskilling, mapping career goals for the next 5 years;


evolution of the data ecosystem (past, present, future), personal data, data privacy, data ethics, how companies, startups, governments use data


defining and redefining leadership, corporate leadership, the evolution of the culture of leadership in companies and startups, leading innovation teams


ethics, social impact, redefining leadership, corporate missions and responsibilities, diversity and inclusion in tech, tech mission statements and manifestos


artificial intelligence, business intelligence, consumer intelligence, decision intelligence, augmented intelligence, the intelligence economy


weaponized technologies for destructive uses against  governments, businesses, and consumers, the surveillance economy


Decision Intelligence (DI) is a NEW discipline that helps organizations to make better decisions. A growing number of companies are using DI to guide their decision-making including Google, IBM, Microsoft and many others across sectors. This intensive, one-day course will provide a hands-on, interactive, deep dive into DI for tehcnical and non-technical professionals. This is the only Decision Intelligence course currently available in New York City, being taught by one of the leading pioneers in the field, Dr. Lorien Pratt! View course here: http://bit.ly/dimastercourse Dr. Lorien Pratt (Chief Scientist & Cofounder, Quantellia, LLC, Author of Link: How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World), will give a deep dive into DI with an emphasis on real world applications for businesses, governments, and consumers, and how it will impact corporate decision-making and the future of work.

As companies struggle to define effective AI ethics, over the past year, there has been an explosion of AI ethics guidelines published by private companies, researchers, think tanks, and governments around the world trying to create a framework for all stakeholders. This course will be an overview of the AI ethics principles global ecosystem, and a critical assessment of their purpose and potential for helping companies and governments to implement effective ethical guidelines. (Technology Philosophy) View Next Course: http://bit.ly/globalaiethics Instructor: Reid Blackman, Ph.D. (Founder & CEO, Virtue, Senior Advisor, AI Advisory Board, EY)

A detailed assessment of the evolution of the data ecosystem over the past ten years and how data is powering economies, our lives and the world today (from “the secret life of our personal data,” to companies and governments use of data, to data privacy and ethics, to data laws (including GDPR), to the black market for data and the cybersecurity risks). We will also explore how data will be used in technologies in the future. (Data Economy)

Reviewing various innovation leadership methods in large companies and startups, we’ll explore how to create a leadership vision, values and expertise, how to create an effective leadership team, how leaders drive innovation successfully, strategize about how to create a culture to support innovation and leverage technology changes for competitive advantage. (Innovation Leadership)

Sophisticated cyber attacks involving malware, phishing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and more are placing the data and assets of companies, governments and individuals at constant, devastating risk. With an increasingly severe shortage of cyber security professionals we face a cyber crime epidemic of epic proportions.  From algorithmic bias, to hackers, cryptocurrency hijackers and beyond, how are companies and governments working to keep our systems safe and secure? We will map the career landscape for jobs in cybersecurity now and in the future. (Mass Surveillance, Cyber Warfare, Collapse of Soc.)

Upskilling 2025 & New Jobs of the Future. Beginning with a critical analysis of Amazon’s recently launched, ambitious “Upskill 2025” program, where they will spend close to one billion dollars to upskill 100,000 employees by the year 2025 for technical positions, we will review the “upskill” landscape – why companies are struggling, how employees will be retrained, which technologies are (or will be) in most demand, opportunities, how to develop a 5-Year Upskilling Plan and reinventing yourself, etc. (Future of Work)


A crucial part of our learning program is giving students contextual, real-world understanding of the trends driving technological innovation and how to develop strategic analysis skills to make wise, socially responsible decisions. Our Advisors have, combined, decades of experience in technology, innovation leadership, business development, and academia. They are thought-leaders at the forefront of innovation in their fields. They will share their knowledge and wisdom with students in monthly, group Strategy Calls.

Dr. Lorien Pratt (Chief Scientist & Cofounder, Quantellia, LLC, Author of Link) / Advising on: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Decision Intelligence, Corporate Training

Brett T. Williams (Major General, USAF (Retired), COO, IronNet Cybersecurity, Inc.) / Advising on: Corporate Leadership, Employee Leadership, Innovation Strategy

Meg Charles-Horn (Founder, Frame Advisory, LLC, Angel Investor) / Advising on: Growth Strategies, Business Development, Startup Investing

Chick Foxgrover (EVP, Creative Technologies & Innovation at 4A’s) / Advising on: Creative Technologies, Corporate Innovation, Advertising Industry

Leslie Short (President & CEO, The Cavu Group) / Advising on: Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, Corporate Leadership, Corporate Culture

Victoria Yampolsky (CFA, President and Founder of The Startup Station) / Advising on: Startup Financial Modeling, Financial Skills, Valuations

Glenn Rodríguez (Program Director, Horizon Juvenile Center) / Advising on: Algorithmic Bias, Emerging Technologies in Criminal Justice

Ariel Conn (Dir. of Comm./Weapons Policy Advisor, Future of Life Institute) / Advising on: AI, Global Tech Policy, Existential Risk, Science Communication


Shikeya Brown Events Manager

Anne T. Griffin
Chief Product & Curriculum Officer

Nadia Sobehart
Community Manager


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