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The Future as a Service™


Mission-driven retention programs that build culture, community and creative problem-solving skills.

Continuous Learning

Courses and content that keeps employees informed on emerging tech and ahead of the future.  


Redefining what it means to innovate around a shared purpose focusing on the future. 


Strategic consulting including bespoke futures, research, forecasts, nextgen leadership.

We prepare the workforce for digital disruption and the technological future.

Employees hold the critical keys to unlocking the power of diverse and dynamic innovation in your organization. We help companies empower their employees to anticipate the future and develop mindful innovation together!

Through our interactive programs, employees learn about the development and deployment of emerging technologies across society and their impact on business, digital culture, and the consumer. We challenge them to think critically about the problems we need to solve in the next 3-5 years and how to best use emerging technologies ethically to address these problems.

We do this by delivering meaningful, thought-provoking learning experiences, tools, content and community.

They gain foresight and become more confident and constructive about anticipating the future, they become empowered to solve tech-driven problems and identify opportunities with coworkers — and throughout this process they develop in-demand soft skills (which we call Power Skills). 

Read 5 Times We Accurately Anticipated the Technological Future and Prepared Professionals for It.

We turn uncertainty into a superpower.

Change is constant. 

A recent Pew Research survey found that 51% of U.S. adults said they expected their lives to remain changed in major ways even after the pandemic is over. This speed and intensity of change, driven by accelerating technology innovation, can be overwhelming for even the most confident, prepared person.

We help employees (technical and non-technical) to embrace change by exploring the technology-driven problems of tomorrow today. Our engaging and collaborative programs turn workers into pragmatic futurists who not only want to solve problems, but who also become adept at identifying opportunities to innovate and grow.

We’ve been preparing professionals for the post-pandemic world since 2017. Over the years, we have learned first-hand that people don’t just want to learn new technology skills, they want to understand the context and bigger picture behind how innovations will change our world, their work, and their meaning.

The Future as a Service is for companies that want to understand the future
through the eyes of employees!

“In the modern era where work is changing rapidly, we assert that the presence of an interest-gap is just as problematic as a skills gap. When work changes, organizations need people who are interested in what’s changing and must place individuals in front of what’s happening. Even the most highly skilled individuals cannot be motivated enough to tackle change without the right degree of interest. The principal source of this information should be the individual.” 

SAP, Building Future Capable Workforces

What We Offer


The success and survival of every company begins and ends with employee engagement.  And with the pandemic accelerating disruptive trends like The Great Resignation and talent wars, employee engagement and retention for the hybrid workforce has become even more critical.

Companies need to have a “future-focused” workforce that maintains current systems while simultaneously preparing for technologies and jobs that do not yet exist but that will be here within 3 years! And managers will need to rally employees around a shared vision of the future that inspires them to embrace the full potential of this profound moment, and the tools at our use. Programs that facilitate continuous learning and builds culture include think tanks, courses and workshops, strategy sessions, informal events with thought-leaders.

With an emphasis on hands-on problem solving, critical thinking, and real world “messy” applications of technology, our courses and workshops are for professionals seeking to understand how disruptive technologies will change their work, how they can prepare for (and maximize opportunities from) these changes, and how to create a strategic roadmap for growth that will keep them ahead of accelerating innovation and lead them into the future confidently and wisely.

Our hybrid employee experience programs give employees the platform, the latest research,  case studies, and tools to explore emerging technologies and their impact on the world in ways that challenge them, inspires them and helps to reveal their talents and interests in technology in their current job and beyond.

Since January 2017, we have been creating and growing innovative futurist communities filled with the most diverse, talented, and  passionate professionals who want to be proactive in tackling the problems of the future.

We now offer companies our expertise in building futurist communities within their own organization (remote and in person) that offer employees a source of continous engagement with colleagues and learning about the disruptive technologies changing our world, while sharpening the skills employers need now (including soft skills like problem-solving, critical thinking and communication). 

Futurist communities can be small, large, about a particular technology, problem or topic. We build the community, create compelling content that will get non-tech and tech employees on the same page and engaged, moderate discussions, and provide insights on what employees want and how they’re thinking about technologies and the future!

Futurist Communities

Executive Advisory

Business leaders are being challenged in ways that, prior to the pandemic, would’ve been considered impossible to imagine. According to research, not only are leaders faced with unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic, their rolls have actually expanded as employees look to them for leadership on issues related to everything from the pandemic to politics and everything in between.

But as challenging as these times are for leaders, there are even more opportunities for current leaders to embrace new models of thinking and management that will catapult their organizations into the future, but now is the time to develop the next generation of leaders.

We offer strategic advisory consulting services for executives, senior managers and next-gen leaders with strategic advisory including bespoke futures research and forecasts, organizational strategic decision-making, nextgen leadership development, technology ethics and rollouts.

How We Do It

Inspiring Stories

We engage using narratives plucked from real life headlines and fiction in films, tv, books, video games, etc..

Mindful Innovation

Our philosophy and strategic execution are based on our unique principals of mindful innovation.


We create a safe space and culture of inclusivity and diversity of all kinds and encourage uniqueness.


All of our programs are based on real-world problems that employees explore and solve together.


We use cutting-edge research from academics, R&D, and think tanks into engagement and learning programs.


Learn better together! Research shows employees prefer (and do better) when they learn together. We facilitate social learning. 

What We Cover

Artificial Intelligence ● Machine Learning ● XR/VR/AR ● Autonomous Vehicles ● 3D Printing ● Robotics ● Drones ● Crypto ● Blockchain ● Automation

We cover disruptive technologies, across all sectors, focusing on data literacy, ethics, the evolution of our tech-driven society, research, leadership, business development, product development, customer experience, and forecasting. The primary topics we cover include:

The Future of Work

Defining the post-pandemic, hybrid and distributed workforce including jobs of the future and technical upskilling.


Automation platforms/systems and their impact on digital transformation , employees, and consumers.


Current and emerging decentralized business models and digital currencies and blockchain.

Technology Forecasting

Forecasting the rise of emerging technologies and anticipating their impact on business and society.

Simulated Reality

Alternate realities and our alternate digital identities in virtual environments using: XR, digital twins, holograms, etc.

Digitized Sustainability

Corporate ustainable development goals achieved through creative deployment of emerging technologies.

What They Say About Us

Tech 2025 effectively explores the most impactful issues of our time, distilling the simple essence of complex concepts. In a rapidly evolving landscape it can be confusing for workers to grasp the implications of disruptive technologies. They are uniquely adept at helping people make sense of the accelerating changes around them, and more importantly, to feel confident in their own opportunities in a world of vastly expanding possibility.
Ed Maguire
Research Principal Analyst, SMBC Nikko Securities America
After the Tech 2025 event I submitted my idea to the Ohio Opioid Tech Challenge. They liked it enough to make it one of the 40 second place winners (20 experts/20 “citizen scientists”)! I was surprised, to say the least. I just wanted to thank you again for allowing my voice to be heard. Honestly, this wouldn’t have been even remotely possible without you and the Tech 2025 platform! Tech 2025 has changed my life in so many ways!
Naomi Cosman
Head of Marketing at Koning Corporation
The participants truly enjoyed all the information Tech 2025 shared! We had a net promoter score of 98% from survey respondents. Here's what one of the participants said on the survey: "This was by far one of the best workshops I have ever attended and that does state quite a lot about the quality of this seminar. It was information packed, uplifting and provided guidance for the future. I look forward to more seminars like this one!"
Natalie Borneo
VP Worldwide Multi-Site Ops/Compliance, Dress for Success
I met you guys and learned so much about the future of tech and how I can be involved with the movement. I was truly inspired by the entire day! Thank you for the information and inspiration!
Keisha Manning
Platform Manager (MarTech) at Spotify
I’ve attended three events so far and find them fascinating. What you're is doing is great. Everyone should be aware of this. I always leave with a bigger worldview than when I arrive and thinking differently.
David Jones
CEO/Founder, Vision On
We had a great time at the event and really appreciate you allowing us to join. We took a lot from it and were able to generate some new ideas for our own product surrounding chatbots!
Aaron Lupo
Group Product Manager at Fluent, Inc

Don't just bring employees back to the office. Bring them back to the future!


"If companies don’t know how their employees are thinking about the future, they are flying blind."

Charlie Oliver (CEO, Tech 2025)


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