Virtual Hiring Events

Giving recruiters a unique and valuable experience
for engaging job candidates.

The one question all candidates have,
but rarely ask...

What are the jobs of the future? 

With global talent shortages at a 10-year high and with The Great Resignation accelerating, organizations face daunting challenges finding and hiring talent in this post-pandemic era.

An engaging recruiting experience is very important to job applicants. Nearly half (49%) of job seekers working in in-demand fields like technology say they’ve turned down an offer because of a bad hiring experience (PwC). And with 50% of companies now hiring primarily through virtual hiring events (thanks to the pandemic and candidate expectations of safety and convenience), recruiters are trying to create  meaningful and engaging virtual hiring events to draw diverse candidates.

Our new event series and service offering, Jobs of the Future, offers recruiters a unique virtual hiring experience (fully managed, marketed and moderated by Tech 2025) to engage with potential candidates in our network (and beyond) by presenting highly relevant, need-to-know info (like how to jobcast and futureskill) in a format that facilitates transparent and insightful discourse on a topic that job seekers are most concerned about — jobs of the future!  

How It Works

We host scheduled Virtual Hiring Events focusing on one sector per event. Participating companies include: 1 event sponsor, 2-3 companies seeking applicants.

Our team manages all aspects of the event including developing all content including the “Jobs of the Future” session (presented by our Subject Matter Experts), hosting on our platform, marketing to potential candidates (companies and sponsors are welcome to invite candidates as well),  gathering data from employees (which will be shared with companies), and providing private breakout rooms for “Ask Me Anything” sessions and interviews.

Event Format: Future of Work presentation by Subject Matter Expert, brief presentation by Tech 2025 on how to jobcraft and futureskill, poll questions for candidates, “Ask Me Anything” breakout group sessions with candidates and companies, final Q&A.

Event Sponsors

  • Company Profile showcasing your organization's brand
  • Dedicated chat room to allow for real-time candidate engagement
  • Candidate polling and interaction data
  • Company logo on all digital marketing as sole sponsor
  • Up to 5 job postings marketed to our network for 2 weeks

Hiring Company

  • Company Profile showcasing your organization's brand
  • Dedicated branded chat room for "Ask Me Anything" interviews
  • Candidate polling and interaction data
  • Up to 10 job postings marketed to our network for 3 weeks
  • Candidate resumes and chat transcript
  • Dedicated post-event email blast to candidates and our network.
  • Presentation recording and chat transcripts

Learn more.

If you’d like to sponsor a hiring event, or if you’re a company seeking to hire candidates, or if you’re looking for something bespoke, drop us a message below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you for your interest in working with us.


5 Times We Accurately Anticipated Disruptive Innovation and Prepared Professionals for It

We’ve been preparing professionals from diverse backgrounds (technical and nontechnical) for the future since January 2017 through over 100 tech innovation events (think tanks, workshops, courses, webinars), strategic advisory and community-building. We’ve helped (and impacted) the technical development of thousands of people. Since Day One, our mission has been: “Figuring out the future, together.”   (Background Photos: attendees at our live events, pre-pandemic.)

What They Say About Us

Tech 2025 effectively explores the most impactful issues of our time, distilling the simple essence of complex concepts. In a rapidly evolving landscape it can be confusing for workers to grasp the implications of disruptive technologies. They are uniquely adept at helping people make sense of the accelerating changes around them, and more importantly, to feel confident in their own opportunities in a world of vastly expanding possibility.
Ed Maguire
Research Principal Analyst, SMBC Nikko Securities America
After the Tech 2025 event I submitted my idea to the Ohio Opioid Tech Challenge. They liked it enough to make it one of the 40 second place winners (20 experts/20 “citizen scientists”)! I was surprised, to say the least. I just wanted to thank you again for allowing my voice to be heard. Honestly, this wouldn’t have been even remotely possible without you and the Tech 2025 platform! Tech 2025 has changed my life in so many ways!
Naomi Cosman
Head of Marketing at Koning Corporation
The participants truly enjoyed all the information Tech 2025 shared! We had a net promoter score of 98% from survey respondents. Here's what one of the participants said on the survey: "This was by far one of the best workshops I have ever attended and that does state quite a lot about the quality of this seminar. It was information packed, uplifting and provided guidance for the future. I look forward to more seminars like this one!"
Natalie Borneo
VP Worldwide Multi-Site Ops/Compliance, Dress for Success
I met you guys and learned so much about the future of tech and how I can be involved with the movement. I was truly inspired by the entire day! Thank you for the information and inspiration!
Keisha Manning
Platform Manager (MarTech) at Spotify
I’ve attended three events so far and find them fascinating. What you're is doing is great. Everyone should be aware of this. I always leave with a bigger worldview than when I arrive and thinking differently.
David Jones
CEO/Founder, Vision On
We had a great time at the event and really appreciate you allowing us to join. We took a lot from it and were able to generate some new ideas for our own product surrounding chatbots!
Aaron Lupo
Group Product Manager at Fluent, Inc

"If companies don’t know how their employees are thinking about the future, they are flying blind."

Charlie Oliver (CEO, Tech 2025)


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