The Next 3 Years...

Preparing the workforce for post-pandemic digital disruption and opportunities.

Give employees the tools and learning experiences to explore the most compelling ideas and trends in emerging tech that will innovate your organization through post-pandemic volatility.

Employees are the key to helping organizations innovate creatively and quickly, particularly as we come out of the pandemic and enter the new world of hybrid work and “hyperautomation.” But with managers struggling to hire, upskill and keep workers during The Great Resignation and the Talent Wars (with both trends projected to be long-term), it’s easy to understand how keeping employees plugged into the innovation ecosystem and preparing them for the coming disruption from automation and other emerging technologies, can be challenging (to say the least).

As part of our The Future as Service™ offerings (and in keeping with our mission focusing on 2025 being a technology inflection point), we have launched new products and services called The Next Three Years… focusing specifically on the challenges of upskilling and engaging employees in accelerating innovation post-pandemic and helping them to understand and strategize for the disruptions and opportunities.

The twice-weekly employee newsletter that offers companies a powerful tool and touchpoint for engaging employees in meaningful discourse and learning on emerging tech innovations, forecasts and disruptions through the year 2025.

Our popular, unique, and highly effective live and virtual learning experiences for employee engagement and strategic technical upskilling including T25 Think Tanks, worshops, Ask Me Anything Q&As, and information sessions. 

Unique hiring events for companies that need to engage and hire the best, diverse talent. Candidates learn how jobs in various sectors will evolve due to emerging tech forecasts and future growth opportunities. Companies gain a valuable new touchpoint for engaging applicants.

Company leaders can now have the strategic expertise of our CEO, Charlie Oliver (pragmatic futurist, tech influencer, keynote speaker), on developing employee-led innovation culture and initiatives and prepare their workforce for the future. She is also doing workshops for managers.

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