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A recent Gartner survey reveals 91% of HR leaders surveyed are concerned about employee turnover in the immediate future. The concerns are warranted. Another survey of 1,609 candidates between May and June 2021, revealed that nearly half of half of applicants are considering at least two job offers simultaneously. This much is clear, The Great Resignation and The Talent War will be with us for some time to come and the need to engage employees in meaningful conversations that offers them a vision of the future that aligns with their goals and values has never been more critical for retaining talent.

Today, nothing is more important than preparing employees for digital distruption and the next few years of volatility in business. Tech 2025 has been doing this since 2017.

The Next 3 Years… is a new, twice-weekly interactive newsletter (published and moderated by Tech 2025) that offers companies a powerful tool and touchpoint for engaging employees in meaningful discourse and learning on emerging technology innovations, forecasts and disruptions through the year 2025. While most futurist organizations focus on the distant future (ten or more years into the future), we have always focused on the near-future (the highly consequential years leading up to the year 2025). Most newsletters share news and information. We do this and guide subscribers on how to act on that info and strategize a roadmap to 2025. This is the only newsletter specifically for employees that focuses on helping them to anticipate the future and find opportunities to problem-solve and participate actively in innovation — to become pragmatic, proactive futurists. 


Why three years?

“Asked to consider what life will be like in 2025 in the wake of the outbreak of the global pandemic and other crises in 2020, some 915 innovators, developers, business and policy leaders, researchers and activists responded. Their broad and nearly universal view is that [by 2025] people’s relationship with technology will deepen as larger segments of the population come to rely more on digital connections for work, education, health care, daily commercial transactions and essential social interactions. A number describe this as a “tele-everything” world… They wondered, too, if humans can cope effectively with such far-reaching changes, given that they are required to function with “paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technology,” in the words of biologist E.O. Wilson.”
Pew Research Center, The ‘New Normal’ in 2025 Report ( February 2021)

The next 3 years of innovation leading up to 2025 will define the next 30 years. If companies want to retain talent through the coming tsunami of disruption, they will need to empower employees to create a roadmap to navigate constant change. This newsletter is their compass.

What's in the newsletter?

The Next 3 Years… gives employees the future in five minutes. It covers news, research, forecasts, macro and micro trends, need-to-know info and helpful suggestions for staying in-the-know and leveling up including: how to anticipate (and prepare for) the technological future, opportunities to innovate (projects),  weekly virtual events to attend, insights and advice from our Subject Matter Experts, and continuous learning courses and strategies.

The newsletter focuses on the following primary content themes driving global innovation over the next 3+ years:

The Future of Work

Defining the post-pandemic, hybrid and distributed workforce including jobs of the future and technical upskilling.


Automation platforms/systems and their impact on digital transformation , employees, and consumers.


Current and emerging decentralized business models, digital currencies and blockchain.

Technology Forecasting

Forecasting the rise of emerging technologies and anticipating their impact on business and society.

Simulated Reality

Alternate realities and our alternate digital identities in virtual environments using: XR, digital twins, holograms, etc.

Digitized Sustainability

Corporate ustainable development goals achieved through creative deployment of emerging technologies.

Sectors we cover.

Currently, we cover four sectors (each one has its own newsletter). More sectors will be added first quarter 2022.



Transport & Logistics


It's interactive!

Identify and amplify the “futurists” in your organization, gauge the interest of employees on topics important to business innovation and culture, and get employee insights and ideas that can be used to create even more meaninful engagement and experiences.

Employees want more engagement. In a recent study on employee engagement and culture published by Achievers, more than half (58%) of respondents say they wish their company conducted engagement surveys more frequently. 

The remedy for this is to ensure that voice of the employee is heard in diverse ways on various platforms (offering them different opportunities to express themselves and to be heard).  

The Next 3 Years… encourages employee engagement, learning and recognition by making every newsletter interactive with thought-provoking Calls to Action (from questions meant to encourage critical thinking and discourse, to fun contests where we “gamify the future”). Employees have regular opportunities to share how they are thinking about emerging technologies while also learning how their coworkers are thinking about the same. Giving employees a platform to do this that is managed and moderated by Tech 2025 (instead of management from within the company) offers employees the autonomy they want/need. Newsletter interactive activities include:

Polls Surveys Contests ♦ Reviews Commentary Discussions Problem-Solving Exercises Q&A with Subject Matter Experts

All results are shared with management, giving them valuable and actionable insights (qualitative and quantitative) to learn even more about what employees want (such feedback can be valuable in creating procedures, deeper engagement activites, events, etc.).

Photo Credit: attendees problem-solving at a Tech 2025 think tank event (Feb. 2020).

Monthly "Ask Me Anything" Live Chats with Industry Experts

Every month, newsletter subscribers can participate in a Q&A session with our Subject Matter Experts, industry influencers, leaders and people exploring the boundaries of emerging technologies and using them to develop nextgen innovative solutions (audio or text only). Chat transcripts will be shared as well. Example of a recent strategy chat: The Critical Post-Pandemic Skill Every Employee Needs: Forcasting the Future

Virtual Tech Event Recaps: Global Innovation Updates

How are emerging technologies being explored and implemented by companies and governments around the world? What and where are the big ideas? Every week we recap select virtual events from our Continuous Learning Calendar which features relevant events on emerging tech and innovation hosted by organizations and governments around the world (curated by our team) on innovation, businesses management, and professional growth. We provide a brief summation of the event topic, speakers, strategy tips on learning more about the topic, the video replay and transcript (if available). Employees learn about innovation happening now!

5 Times We Accurately Anticipated Disruptive Innovation and Prepared Professionals for It

We’ve been preparing professionals from diverse backgrounds (technical and nontechnical) for the future since January 2017 through over 100 tech innovation events (think tanks, workshops, courses, webinars), strategic advisory and community-building. We’ve helped (and impacted) the technical development of thousands of people. Since Day One, our mission has been: “Figuring out the future, together.”   (Background Photos: attendees at our live events, pre-pandemic.)

What They Say About Us

Tech 2025 effectively explores the most impactful issues of our time, distilling the simple essence of complex concepts. In a rapidly evolving landscape it can be confusing for workers to grasp the implications of disruptive technologies. They are uniquely adept at helping people make sense of the accelerating changes around them, and more importantly, to feel confident in their own opportunities in a world of vastly expanding possibility.
Ed Maguire
Research Principal Analyst, SMBC Nikko Securities America
After the Tech 2025 event I submitted my idea to the Ohio Opioid Tech Challenge. They liked it enough to make it one of the 40 second place winners (20 experts/20 “citizen scientists”)! I was surprised, to say the least. I just wanted to thank you again for allowing my voice to be heard. Honestly, this wouldn’t have been even remotely possible without you and the Tech 2025 platform! Tech 2025 has changed my life in so many ways!
Naomi Cosman
Head of Marketing at Koning Corporation
The participants truly enjoyed all the information Tech 2025 shared! We had a net promoter score of 98% from survey respondents. Here's what one of the participants said on the survey: "This was by far one of the best workshops I have ever attended and that does state quite a lot about the quality of this seminar. It was information packed, uplifting and provided guidance for the future. I look forward to more seminars like this one!"
Natalie Borneo
VP Worldwide Multi-Site Ops/Compliance, Dress for Success
I met you guys and learned so much about the future of tech and how I can be involved with the movement. I was truly inspired by the entire day! Thank you for the information and inspiration!
Keisha Manning
Platform Manager (MarTech) at Spotify
I’ve attended three events so far and find them fascinating. What you're is doing is great. Everyone should be aware of this. I always leave with a bigger worldview than when I arrive and thinking differently.
David Jones
CEO/Founder, Vision On
We had a great time at the event and really appreciate you allowing us to join. We took a lot from it and were able to generate some new ideas for our own product surrounding chatbots!
Aaron Lupo
Group Product Manager at Fluent, Inc

“In the modern era where work is changing rapidly, we assert that the presence of an interest-gap is just as problematic as a skills gap. When work changes, organizations need people who are interested in what’s changing and must place individuals in front of what’s happening. Even the most highly skilled individuals cannot be motivated enough to tackle change without the right degree of interest. The principal source of this information should be the individual.” 

SAP, Building Future Capable Workforces Report 2021

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Every month, you will receive a report with analytics on employee engagement and feedback! You can highlight employee feedback in internal communications, create “deeper dive” events based on the topics receiving the most engagement, develop additional learning opportunities based on the data, modify procedures, and more! If you are an enterprise subscriber, Tech 2025 can advise your organization on additional engagement strategies as well.  

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The Next 3 Years… launches Tuesday, November 30, 2021. It is delivered to subscribers twice per week (Tuesday and Friday mornings). After subscribing, you’ll receive confirmation and next steps on how to share this new amazing benefit with employees.

To celebrate the official launch of The Next 3 Years, and to say “thank you” to our launch superstars, we are offering the first 25 subscribers get the following locked-in rates (subscription rate will remain same regardless of future price increases).  Rates increase January 1, 2022.


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