Virtual Workshop: How to Develop a Purpose-Driven, Technology Upskilling Roadmap for Your Career with Charlie Oliver

Hosted by Dress for Success


Due to the COVID19 pandemic, everything about how companies hire and engage with their workforce has changed dramatically. These massive disruptions will accelerate in the coming years as organizations and governments absorb the shocks of technological innovations that will force them to think and do things very differently than they ever have before. What does this mean for employees and job seekers and how can they stay relevant and competitive in this strange new world?

On July 2 at 4PM (EST), disruptive technologies expert, Charlie Oliver (CEO of Tech 2025), will share how we develop a personal, purpose-driven roadmap for acquiring new technology skills that will help us to achieve our career goals and stay relevant!

Participants will learn:

  • How to identify the technology skills you need to acquire for specific jobs and problems that you want to solve in the world (and that companies want now and will want in the future!)
  • How to use technology tools to find and maximize the opportunities you want and need to drive your career forward and keep you ahead of the curve 
  •  How to develop a continuous learning, upskilling roadmap that aligns with your personal goals and purpose

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About Charlie Oliver

Charlie launched Served Fresh Media in 2009 to help companies transition to digital platforms. Charlie and her team provide enterprise companies with digital marketing strategy, events marketing, and product development services. In January 2017, driven by a passion to help the public to understand and participate actively in the next technological revolution, she launched Tech 2025 — an innovation community and platform for professionals to learn about the next wave of disruptive, emerging technologies, with an emphasis on problem-solving.

Having produced over 80 events since they launched, coupled with providing professional services, Tech 2025 has quickly gained a reputation for helping professionals and companies to understand and embrace emerging technologies and the whirlwind changes they bring, and to strategize for the future impact of accelerating innovation.

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