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Past Webinars

How to Prepare Children for the Ongoing Technological Explosion and Jobs of the Future with Jonathan Mugan

Tuesday, February 13, 3pm-4pm

JOIN US for our next webinar and interactive Q&A with special guest speaker, Jonathan Mugan (computer science researcher specializing in machine learning and AI, author of The Curiosity Cycle: Preparing Your Child for the Ongoing Technological Explosion).


Microchip Implants and the Growing Global Biohacking Movement with Hannes Sjöblad

Wednesday, January 17, 3pm-4pm

Hannes Sjöblad (founder of the Swedish Association of Biohackers, advisor and speaker on Human Augmentation, and Ambassador for Sweden at the Singularity Universe), gives a presentation overview of the global biohacking landscape today and the evolution of microchip implanting in humans and his role in the movement.


Futurist Eric Matzner on Launching a Biohacking Startup, Building the Hyperloop, and Living the Future Now

Wednesday, December 13, 3pm-4pm

Eric Matzner, Silicon-Valley-based entrepreneur, futurist and biohacker who has been featured in The GuardianGizmodo, and ABC News gives a presentation on how anyone can embrace the future and engage in developing innovative technologies.