Women on Tech: How Are Female Entrepreneurs
Using Technology to Tackle Global Challenges?

(presented by Aves Lair and She Loves Tech)


Thursday, September 10, 8:00pm

Join us for this special discussion, hosted and produced by Aves Lair Accelerator and She Loves Tech, featuring a panel of brilliant women in technology from around the world and our very own Charlie Oliver (CEO of Tech 2025 and Mentor at Aves Lair), who will be moderating the discussion. 

Event Description: 

The unprecedented global lock down exposed the fragilities within the world’s technological infrastructure. Despite the unknown consequences, entrepreneurs have been eyeing this moment as a perfect storm replete with opportunities for building out the next natural phase for humanity – The Digital Age. Pioneers have been doubling down on nascent technologies such as AI, Blockchain and Data Analytics as industries with robust potential for repairing current challenges and improving the living standards for people across the globe.

Aves Lair partnered with She Loves Tech to showcase women in leadership playing key roles in engimatic technologies to solve challenges at the global level. This moderated panel will highlight the panelists’ projects, stories and the many valuable insights they have to share on the current tech startup environment in their respective industry and region.

View Eventbrite page HERE. Register today to join us for the important, timely discussion! We look forward to your participation. 

Guest Speakers

Alisa Gus

Co-Founder and CEO at WishKnish

Elena Obukhova

Founder and CEO at FAS | Fintech Advisory Services

Anna Ratala

CEO & Co-founder at Zvook

Xiaoyin Qu
Founder and CEO of Run The World (global technology publication)

Moderator: Charlie Oliver

Charlie is the Founder and CEO of Tech 2025 (T25). Launched in 2017, T25 is a learning platform and innovation community for professionals to learn about (and prepare for) the accelerating global disruption that will happen over the next 5 years, due to emerging technologies. T25 also provides innovative solutions for companies that need to upskill a diverse workforce and advisory on deploying technologies and campaigns. Additionally, T25 hosts engaging live and virtual events (over 100 so far) like think tanks, webinars, workshops and tech tours on the impact of emerging tech and the future of work based on the latest news, trends, and research presented by industry thought-leaders and rising talent. 

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She Loves Tech
is the world’s largest competition for women and technology taking place in more than 20+ countries this year. Over the past 4 years, startups who have joined She Loves Tech have raised over $70 million in funding for companies all around the world. She Loves Tech aims to empower women and assist in the development of female leaders in the tech industry. For more information follow us on Instagram @SheLovesTechOrg or email us at info@shelovestech.org


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